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The origins of the Citizen´s Court of Justice.


The Citizens Court of Justice is a new political instance of law that has emerged from the 15M movement of Sol.  It is the genesis of initiatives of multiple popular assemblies rebelling against institutions of justice that are as complacent with the unlawful abuses committed by those responsible for the crisis as they are implacable with its unprotected victims.

The Citizen´s Court as an entity.

The court is integrated by lawyers, judges, attorneys, valuers, journalists, graphic artists, computer engineers and all our people who want to participate in this initiative of the 15M movement.


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Banquero rescatado por el sistema

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Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH)

De la burbuja inmobiliaria al derecho a la vivienda

la Sareb

Sareb. Sociedad de Gestión de Activos procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria

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